An experienced chemical cleaning professional plans, executes and supervices

The first known acid cleaning in Western Europe took place in Sweden in 1948. Sweden is also where our company’s first agency was established in 1953, and Enerkem came to Finland already in 1954. The agency was established in Kouvola, a town which grew rapidly as a reailway junction. The location secured good connections in all directions, and also Finland’s pulp and paper industry had already, at that time, concentrated around the waterways of Kymi and Vuoksenlaakso.

Enerkem’s founder Bj√∂rn Borg sold his company, which had developed into a multinational concern, and the operation in Finland came into Finnish ownership in the summer of 1970. The company was named Enerkem Oy. The company has been involved in the developement and implementation of steam boiler chemical cleaning methods for almost half a century!