The importance of proper waste treatment will increase in the future

Low operations costs of power plants rely on clean boilers. A clean system is much easier to start up, and the faster clean steam can be fed to the turbine the more fuel and time are saved. Therefore boilers should always be chemically cleaned prior to start-up, so that impurities, such as rust, mill scale and welding residues, which are created during installation, are removed. Fast start-up of new boilers and systems is essential. Acid cleaning enables accepted steam and boiler water values with even short start-ups. Moreover, one of the most important reasons to carry out chemical cleaning is that it protects the boiler with an even, high grade magnetite coating, which can only form on clean steel surfaces.

Economic operation is based on reliable operation and low operating costs. This means chemical cleaning on a regular basis, so that operating problems can be aboided as effectively as possible. With chemical cleaning, boilers that are several years old can be cleaned of impurities which have built up during use. An unscheduled shutdown is always more expensive that a controlled and planned stoppage of process.

We clean steam boilers and feed water plants, process boilers, hot water boilers, heat exhangers, tanks and pipelines, hydraulic systems, hydrogen peroxide arrays and green lye pipelines, etc.